One DJ

One DJ is an all-in-One DJ/Remix software

One DJ is an all-in-One DJ/Remix software

One DJ is a true All-in-One solution for preparing DJ sets, performing live and creating mixes. Modular User Interface and flexible Audio Routing make it easy to adjust One DJ to work the way You Do.

The new One DJ Free will do more than many other commercial DJ software. You will get multiple decks with full functionality, fx panels, mixers, flexible audio routing and even the possibility to create mixes live on the revolutionary Timeline. Unlike the One DJ Core version you wil not be able to save or export any of your work so everything you do is simply for that moment. Custom layouts can be created but not saved and there is no support for Midi controllers.

Professional, hobby & beginner DJs. Anyone interested in creating mixes, mashups of remixes.

One DJ includes a revolutionary Timeline Edit Mode for real time mixing & remixing. The user interface is fully modular allowing for total customization of the working enviroment.

One DJ


One DJ 1.5

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  • sara365

    by sara365

    "I don't understand the program"

    I don't get how it works! I can't even play a song... i just put a song in every box and clicked on play. It only became... More.

    reviewed on January 15, 2016